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Sariebeth;56567 wrote: Hello, I am getting ready to start the Candida Diet. I am confused on what all I can eat I understand that it is gluten free, sugar free, white flour free and I am only allowed green apples and berries once a day and root veggies and starch veggies in moderation and I should focus on organic range free meats and organic veggies. is there a place on this forum where we can share recipes or meal ideas because I am struggling. Thank you!!

There are different diets available. The most popular is the more strict diet, which most people follow.
It only includes a strict amount of veggies/meat. See the safe food list. Fruits are not allowed on the strict diet.
Personally I’d advise against the strict diet for the ones that haven’t tried anything yet. Try to eat as healthy as possible for a few weeks and combine it with antifungals. If the problem solves itself this way, you are better off than doing the strict diet. If it doesn’t, then you have to start the strict diet.