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Hello, Matt.
Well you didn’t actually ask a question in your post, but I’m assuming you’re expecting some type of response in the way of help.

All of your symptoms sound exactly like a Candida albicans infestation, from the athlete’s foot to the depression and anxiety. All of these symptoms plus the fact that doctors have been unable to cure you point to an overgrowth of Candida.

The initial step which is the detox or cleanse stage of the Candida treatment can last from one to two weeks, this depends on you and how you feel while on the cleanse. It also depends on whether on whether you’re working full time or not since more protein and food intake can be necessary for a person who is working on a daily basis.

To start with, don’t bother with the detox or diet that’s on the official website. Instead, do what others are doing to cure their infestation. Start with the posts below, after reading them, you can get back to us with your questions if you have any.

A Proper and Safe Cleanse:

The Site’s Suggestions:

Allowed Foods List: