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Hello Matt.

Quote: A new pain has arisen in the mid to lower part of my right abdomen. After looking around ive noticed a lot of people seem to have this symptom whilst on the diet.

Reply: We’ve noticed that for a long time, Matt. My guess is that it has something to do with the liver and/or gallbladder since both are overworked with the huge amount of toxins that the Candida, both dead and alive, are constantly producing.

Quote: Ive realized also today when looking at my egg carton im eating far too many, 6 today, 8 yesterday, 10 the day before. Ill end up with extremely high cholesterol if I keep this up! They just seem so easy to do and so far there about the only thing I enjoy eating on this diet other than onion.

Reply: Ten a day may be a bit much, however …
Newer research on eggs show that they actually contain 14% less cholesterol and are 64% higher in vitamin D than the old research had claimed. However, when looking at the cholesterol levels of food such as eggs and coconuts, one should consider that there are other important factors at play in each food item. One factor to consider is that eggs, while still relatively high in cholesterol, are very low in saturated fats, and research studies show that it isn’t the cholesterol in foods, but rather the saturated fat which normally raises the risk of heart disease.

Research shows that anyone with a normal cholesterol level and no family history of cardiovascular disease needs not to worry about eating three a day as there should be no effect from this. As far as my diet is concerned, I’m a 34 year old male, since I do not eat red meat I normally have four to six organic eggs every day and my cholesterol readings are better than normal.

Another important factor about eggs is, even though a good amount of cholesterol may be consumed when an egg is eaten, most of the cholesterol quickly becomes unavailable for absorption because of the high content of lecithin found in eggs. As you see by this statement, lecithin prohibits the absorption of cholesterol; in fact, lecithin supplements are often recommended for patients with high cholesterol in order to lower the cholesterol level, and eggs are full of this substance.
In addition to the above, eggs actually contain a better, higher quality protein than meat, milk or fish.

Quote: I really need to find something to season my veggies with and as mentioned before im really craving a sauce or condiment. From what I have read the only one I can have is apple cider vinegar mustard which im looking to get hold of, is there anything else?

Reply: All I can tell you here is that if you forget about the condiments and sauces, the pure taste of vegetables, steamed or raw, will become something that you look forward to one day. You’ll come to crave the pure and whole taste of the vegetable itself instead of the globs of mess that’s normally poured into the pots to cover the taste