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Well today since restarting my diet after the fish incident my chest pains have certainly eased, a new pain has arisen in the mid to lower part of my right abdomen. After looking around ive noticed a lot of people seem to have this symptom whilst on the diet.

Ive realised also today when looking at my egg carton im eating far too many, 6 today, 8 yesterday, 10 the day before. Ill end up with extremely high cholesterol if I keep this up! They just seem so easy to do and so far there about the only thing I enjoy eating on this diet other than onion.

I really need to find something to season my veggies with and as mentioned before im really craving a sauce or condiment. From what I have read the only one I can have is apple cider vinegar mustard which im looking to get hold of, is there anything else?