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Hello, Matt.

Since you were about 21 pounds overweight, losing 8 pounds straight away just 5 days into the detox isn’t really that unusual. We have all heard the explanations that the initial pounds lost for someone who is trying to lose weight are the easiest to lose. In addition, since you normally do not normally drink water, drinking lots of water during the detox has caused a diuretic effect to your body, so I’m certain that some of those pounds were water weight.

After you finish the detox, you will hopefully add different foods to your diet which should slow down the weight loss. The coconut flour and/or oat bran bread, avocados, and kefir are a wonderful way to add extra calories to your diet. So as soon as you’ve finished with the detox, please go ahead and try to add the extra calories. You will still continue to lose weight for a period of time, but hopefully not as quickly as these 8 pounds have come off.

Quote: “…noticed a bit that was green that almost looked like an undigested broccoli stem.”

Reply: If you’ve not already done so, please read Raster’s post on how important chewing your food well is to your health.–Simple-tip-to-improve-your-health.aspx

Quote: “…the rest was normal colored however had some “fluffy” white stringy stuff.”

Reply: The sounds like one of the descriptions of dead Candida being expelled from your intestines and colon.