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Rob Davies
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Hi Guys

Thanks for all your support – The one think i did not understand was Able’s comment on :- Antifungals such as GSE, oil of oregano, and even the Undecenoic Acid will not cure the infestation, but they will destroy enough of the Candida in the beginning to give some relief from the symptoms and allow a good head start on your treatment.

Also can i just make kifr in a jar.As regards buckwheat do i only eat buckwheat or can i make buckwheat products. Can i use rice milk. Do i restrict the amount of buckwheat. Its a very expensive problem this so how do i know i am winning? I do like buckwheat pancakes. I have all the anti fungals except SF222 so due to money can i start this one last. How long will that kifr powder last plus sf222