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Hi Rob,
If I would be you I would take focus and stick with the diet here.
You have nothing to loose and reading your story I felt it most necessary for you to calm your mind and stick with one thing. Lots of us here have been struggling like you, getting in panic turning around and around. This only will weaken you.

The first thing is to make up your mind and then to read the protocol here and do the steps. And then climb the hill of healing step after step.
Clean out everything so far, other teachings, other diets, old food list etc. It only will confuse you and messing up a good process.

I would start with the detox here and then move on to stage 1 of the diet like Able and raster are outlining here on the forum and nothing else.

I personally recommend a food logbook where you write down what you eat and drink and what supplements you are taking. Then when you suddenly feel bad or good you know you have done. Or if you get into problems and write to the forum you always know what you have eaten and taken and when.

all the best