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Rob Davies
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Ok – Here goes for life story. I am 37 male. at the age of 16 I had a serious accident with my hand that causes me fatigue. I suffered shoulder neck pain and general fatigue. At 35 ish i suffered a back accident which frightened the hell out me. Not long after i started to feel cold senstions in my penis and foreskin folding back. I went to the doctor and they kept percribing me with very strong antibiotics. After time i went on antidepressants and the problems perhaps eased. Although i suffered some boils on my backside and again needed antibiotics. Then about a year after taking the first antibiotics i started suffering burning and sweating in my groin. I also have night sweats. I went to see a Reiki guy who told me to cut out sugar and processed foods etc. Before i went to him i took caprilic acid and acidophilus which i could only manage 1 every couple of days. He then told me to detox and come back in a month. I went on holiday in a caravan and basically just ate chick, salad, and potatoes. I felt great – i think the stress free life of keeping up was really helping. Then back home and the stomach pain fatigue etc came back. Soon as i got home i started eating whole wheat and now realise this was effecting me with mass wind. I kept dabbling with foods but was getting a pain in my side – now i know is from wheat. He was also telling me to eat Oats another thing i have found effects me. I stopped going to him – and questioned if i had candida i had no thrush or it was better. I then ate a donate – woosh diarehea. I then went to see a lady who would say one week i had candida and one week i didnt. At this time i went back on antidepressants. I did not feel i was getting anywhere with her so i decided to have a go at the erica white diet. I did not eat wheat, yeast, oats, or soya no live yogurt (i had tests that said i was sensitive to these)- and experienced die off from mycropryl. I felt like i had a hangover every morning and experienced anxiety. (i still do)I then moved on to Oregano Oil. I noticed lots of white cream in my stool and time and thin stingy bits. However i still get the burning. I then went back to Reki guy and felt burning was best when i went to him. He again said i was ok to eat oats wheat and spelt. My body was saying no so i stopped seeing him. Since then i tried PH diet – which i can live by and saw no improvements – infact my stools and wind stunk. I am now going back to low carbs over christmas as i wont be able to get buckwheat. I have been doing Tai chi for 3 months and am experimenting with meditation. This thing is ruling my life – i hate the damp and hate the heat as i cant stick trousers. I am now taking live yogurt to see if things improve and will monitor this over christmas. I dont seem to be effected by antifungals. I have never taken grapefruit seed extract before – but nothing. Hope you can all help. Also do i need to go easy on live yogurt.