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Welcome to the forum Rob!

It looks very much like a candida problem too me.
A very good starter is to read our protocol here and follow the steps outlined there.

A) I would not do a colon cleanse. If you buy powerful and good quality probiotics and then float them out of your intestines. I dont see a point in it.

B)on the list you will find several anti-fungals, rotate these every week.
Oil of Oregano, SF722, Grapefruit seed extract etc
D) Probiotics are powerful antifungals and heal your intestines. If you find an improvement in your intestines than I guess its a good sign of healing.

You should stick to, if possible organic, to Kefir!

Double check with the diet here on the forum. The diet we have here is different than the one here on the webpage. Make sure you stick to this one!

If you still eat wheat, potatoes, oats and fruits than you are feeding the candida. Please read and stick to our Allowed food list.

Hope I could help you a little before Able or Raster will answer you!