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This is ridiculous…what Sandra is suggesting. It must be some kind of joke or spam bot or something. Whats funny is she has a picture that makes her look rather professional, like she is a doctor or something. She has 1-2 posts total, so this means she does not have any clout on here.

Anyways…check out the protocol me and Able put together…I am surprised no one mentioned this.

Are you doing the cleanse with the psyllium husks and clay? This is not recommended because it can cause internal bleeding.

If you want to know the main cause of your candida problems it is the antibiotics that you used 3.5 years ago. Antibiotics stand for “against life” and it destroyed the good and bad gut flora in your intestines. This caused a flora imbalance in your body, allowing for candida to overgrow without any checks and balances. The best way to reverse this damage is the use of probiotics, which is the single most important thing you will need for your recovery. Check out the protocol post for more information about when to add this to your recovery.

All of the symptoms you are mentioning sound like a pretty severe case of candida. You mentioned that you are experiencing symptoms like you are “sick with the flu,” well let me tell you this…it is no flu/cold. This is die-off of the candida flooding your organs and body with toxins. You will feel absolutely horrible for a few weeks with a wide range of symptoms that come and go. Within a month, you should feel much much better as long as you stick to the plan.

One way to completely reduce die-off (flu like) symptoms is the use of a sauna, hot tube, steam room, or even a hot bath. Your skin is the bodies largest organ and getting those toxins out of your body is essential. You can do this up to 6 days a week (no more than what you can tolerate), and it will reduce those aches and pains and other symptoms you are mentioning. You need to sweat out those toxins.

Another idea is to get some molybdenum like others suggested. This is supposedly very effective for reducing the symptoms (I have never used it).

It can take as long as 6-18 months to fully recover from candida overgrowth. Plan on sticking to the diet until you are much much better.

For now get plenty of rest, drink plenty of water (90-120oz per day), and maybe get some supplements such as molybdenum or vitamin C (with bioflavanoids). Take it easy and don’t get too overwhelmed with the amount of information available about candida.