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Not sure where Sandra got her information from. I can only suggest you stick to the protocol laid out here by able and raster and only that. If you read any of my post which are always questions to them they read..

I ate a small nut 1cm in size that dropped on the counter while baking and it had sugar on it. My mouth is reacting…UGH. Well, a speck of nut and few grains of sugar set me back.

I ate almond slices about a 1/2 of a teaspoon in stage one…set me back.

I used a tsp of the wrong kind of vinegar…set me back.

I ate sunflower seads on a salad about 1/2 teaspoon…set me back.

I ate a few rice crackers ( 4 -5 of them) that had soy in them…set me way back.

My little mistakes always set me back. It is shocking because the amounts are so small. When she said to eat fruit…my skin just cringed because that would be inviting something awful into your system. I first foud out I had thrush and I was creaming the inside of my mouth with oatmeal…felt good and soothing for the moment…then a huge burst of pain and more thrush…feeding the thrush. The doctor said it didn’t matter what I ate. This Forum is the truth and the light. Listen to ABLE and RASTER. I would read other’s post but for now they are our two examples of folks that have walked the walk and lived this and have come out victors.

Sorry to carry on I was just shocked by the above advice and want to give you warnings before you make the same mistakes that I have made. No matter how small of a mistake you make it feeds this crap and always sets you back.

I’m very proud of myself as I have not eaten a drop of sweets or even wanted them since November 15 so I’m making huge progress. Something I thought I could or would never do.

Be strong and I truly advise you to read this Forum. Read post by Able and Raster that will guide you and give you support, knowledge and most of all lead you down the path to healing.

Best of luck to you. And yes, I started this diet while I was very sick. Had been very sick for 5 weeks. That is what lead me to the doctors…to get those darn antibiotics that triggered this whole nightmare…but to be honest, my life is so much more under control. I’m on a path to health and wellness.

Because I was so sick the die off was just piled on…I did have much brain fog…lol but I made it through it 🙂 You will too. Enjoy your new path to good health.