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Smitty99;46351 wrote: Went into GNC today to pick up some ultimate flora 50 billion. Apparently GNC has released a brand new probiotic 50 billion for 10 dollars cheaper. 30 bucks as opposed to the 40 dollar ultimate flora where I live. Anybody tried any of the GNC probiotics and how do you find them? Seems like good value and GNC usually makes a decent product.

With probiotics, it’s not just the billion counts but, how many strains…some only have the key 3 but, I rotate between several high quality brands with a minimum of 10 to 14 strains and go large on the billion count: 80 billion/2x’s daily….and it makes a HUGE difference.

Though this is kind of hijacking your thread: I have noticed there are occasions when I take a probiotic before bed, my stomach get’s all upset and effects being able to get to sleep at all – unless I eat something, which is a no no for all the reasons we all know – fermentation. Yet, even against my own desires, I almost always get sleepy if I eat too much at one time: doesn’t matter time of day. So, I succumb and put something in my stomach to take the side effects of the probiotic so I can get to sleep….not good but, what’s the difference if I fall asleep during the day after a meal, or at night?.


IMHO GNC has little to offer Candida Sufferers – they are really about body building which someone with candida shouldn’t be doing anyway – the body needs the rest more than a persons ego needs huge biceps, if you dig what I’m saying….yet, I’ll be interested in hearing what other people have to say about the GNC probiotic you are talking about… it online where you can give us a link?