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Oh thank you thank you for responding! I am in tears and so grateful for your willingness to help me!

So far this morning I have had a glass of water and have taken two Garden of Life probiotics. I keep thinking “I am out of balance and need to take probiotics to get better and balance out my system” but I’m guessing this isn’t the way? I’m drinking my warm water now.

Should I have the lemon water after breakfast, after lunch and after dinner? I’ve been having eggs for breakfast for weeks now so I’m used to that. Should a steam any veggies I have with eggs instead of sauteed in the pan before cooking the eggs? I buy organic free range eggs and sometimes go to a farm to buy them as well. I also buy all organic produce, organic free range chicken, and buy grass fed pasture raised beef I get from a local farm. I have wild caught coho salmon and beef steaks defrosting in the fridge but I guess I’ll cook those for my husband and 4 yr old and have chicken! I feel like I’m doing so much right and but it’s just not working and any little slip in my diet and I pay dearly.

Sometimes in the morning I use my juicer and make green juice with kale, celery, cucumber, green apples half a lemon and ginger. Is this something I should continue or not?

Ok, I’ll have to stop here and come back. I keep having lots of cute interuptions. 🙂 Thank You Able!!!