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Wooky72;37549 wrote: But I am not hungry the way I am eating now, certainly not starving myself! I have lost my cravings, I have actually started feeling full after meals, -whereas before I seemed not to have an off switch when I was eating! I don’t think I could eat 2-3x more?

No one can tell you how much food to eat; if you’re losing weight and you wish to stop doing that, we can tell you to try to add more calories,
but telling you to eat 2-3 times what you’re eating is silly since we don’t even know your body’s capacity for food, and eating more than your body’s capacity can cause digestive problems.

You’re right about the cravings; they generally slowly phase out several weeks or longer into the diet, although some people experience this earlier in their treatment, so naturally you’re just not as hungry.

The weight loss normally stops as well when the body adapts to the new way of eating healthy foods, I know this happened with me as well as many others on the forum who have been on the diet long enough.

Just disregard any statements telling you how much food you should be eating and follow your own body’s messages and common sense.