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Some questions:
i have been monitoring my yeast with a daily spit test, and sometimes it will turn out well with hardly any strings but other mornings (like this one) there will be really quick and apparent streaks- but these ‘flares’ seem to be unrelated to symptoms or diet changes. is this a reliable way to monitor yeast?

The spittle test doesn’t work for Candida at all. The only thing it measures is the amount of mucus in the spit.

are there other ways to monitor progress?

The best way to monitor your progress is by paying attention to the symptoms and how you feel.

I have white specks in my passings and have read before this can be a sign of candida- is this true?

Yes this can be a sign that the Candida are dying.

How can i be sure that these are die off symptoms and not just my candida getting worse?

One sure way is to start taking a supplement called Molybdenum, which you should be taking anyway. If your symptoms decrease or go away in a day or two, then you were experiencing die-off. If the symptoms remain, then it’s the Candida and they’re still alive. Molybdenum removes the dying Candida toxins from your body therefore you will experience much less or no die-off at all.

I’ve tried to be really strict about my diet, and really have been close to stage one for almost a year now, but I’m human and living in a city and at times I have a small amount of sugar or a drink- does this really put me back to square one?

Perhaps not back to square one, but it could partially explain why you’re still fighting your infestation.

I did have some success and last quarter (i’m a student) was relatively symptom free, can candida /lay low’ and then reappear?

Did you do anything different at all concerning the food you eat or supplements?

My doctor explained it as biofilm, a shield created by the bacteria that prevents my immune system from recognizing it.

This is true; however, the immune system can literally ‘relearn’ and therefore eventually learn to recognize the fungi once again.

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