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Javizy wrote: Looking at the nutrition of some of the vegetables I’ve been eating a lot (green beans, salad stuff, broccoli etc), I was a bit disappointed to see they’re all below 5% fibre. “High-fibre” broccoli has just 3g per 100g! And that’s raw (cooking vegetables can break down their fibre)! I’d have to eat a kilogram of these vegetables to get the amount of fibre I need. It’s not surprising my bowels have been sluggish.
What are people’s top fibre sources? Is it worth supplementing anything? I have green vegetables with every meal and even as snacks, but I doubt I’m getting near 25-30g of fibre each day. Maybe I should try those hulled hemp seeds I saw.

The positive aspect of vegetable fiber is the quality; it’s the perfect food source for the beneficial bacteria.

But fiber is one of the reasons that oat bran, rice bran, coconut flour, millet and buckwheat are on the allowed foods list after two weeks on the diet.

1 cup of oat bran contains 10.61 grams of fiber
1 cup of brown rice bran contains 22.01 grams
1 cup of buckwheat contains 17 grams
1 cup of coconut flour contains 8-10 grams
1 cup of raw millet contains 17 grams