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Able900 wrote: I’m beginning to think perhaps a “foods not allowed” list would have been wiser.


Actually, I’m finding the “acceptable” list to be extremely helpful. There are “not acceptable” lists all over the place, and I always find myself wondering “okay, but what about this item? It’s kinda like this acceptable item, but also kind like this unacceptable item…” For instance, cucumbers, avocado, and the like are “fruits” so unless they were explicitly stated as “acceptable” I would assume they are not. When I go shopping, I can just whip out my phone and double-check the acceptable list against my shopping basket. Way easier than reading through an entire list of unacceptables, double-checking Wikipedia to find out what certain foods are classified as, etc. etc.

Not to mention the sad truth that there are fewer foods that we can than cannot eat, so the “acceptable” list is most certainly going to be shorter (and therefore easier to maintain/read).

What I’m trying to say is, the acceptable list has been a godsend. Please keep up the good work!