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The probiotics you are taking are not very strong, only 6 billion cfu per capsule. Ideally, we recommend taking between 30-90 billion cfu probiotics per day and you are only taking 18 billion:

I really hope you are not taking the artificial sweeteners anymore; if you want to look at one single cause of your anxiety, I would look at artificial sweeteners…

Chorella is good but one problem with it is that it chelates minerals from the body; are you on a chelation protocol or know what you are doing with chelation?

If you want to reduce gas and/or bloating I would check out this post:–written-by-Dr–McCoombs.aspx

The rice cakes and rice feed the candida and is something we don’t recommend eating on the forum. It is also inflammatory, contains sugar, and is hard to digest.

Almond milk and almond butter is problematic because almonds contain molds; also look at your label to see if it contains sugars, if it does this is not good. Its best to make your own almond milk after soaking and roasting the almonds (which removes molds) and thus you know what ingredients it contains and its fresh. If your almond butter is in the container and has been sitting on the store shelves for weeks, this will be high in molds as well. I would also be very careful with the pumpkin butter because this is likely high in molds as well.

I would not drink alcohol for a very long time, this is not beneficial to your health. I personally didn’t drink for over a year while on the diet and drinking damages your liver which you need for your health. The chocolate should not be eaten on the diet.