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Hello, Ashley and Eddy.

I would not take the Total Digestion at all. This is because it contains the enzyme cellulase.

Many of the enzyme supplements on the market today add cellulase and/or hemicellulase to the ingredients. These two enzymes literally turn other enzymes in vegetables into sugar once they’re in the digestive tract, therefore producing food for Candida, and this will only make your Candida worse or at the very least prevent a cure.

You can look for a product called Digestive Grape Bitters which do not contain these two enzymes. These bitters provide your body with the tools it needs to produce its own enzymes in the amount and type that is needed.

Taking larger doses of Grape Bitters than needed will cause the berberine in the formula to destroy the flora or good bacteria in your body. For this reason you should have only about half a dropper full instead of the dosage recommended on the bottle. This is also because all you need to do really is to taste the bitters therefore stimulating the bitter receptors and producing the needed enzymes for your digestion.

Remember to look for both cellulase and hemicellulase as ingredients in any supplement and avoid both.

As far as what to take when your blood sugar drops, you should ask the integrative doctor about this. Basically, I would tend to think that remaining on the Candida diet over a period of time could regulate the blood sugar.