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Hello, Ashley, welcome to the forum.

There are certain factors which pre-dispose a person to contracting Candida, and one of the major factors is diabetes. The reason for this is because a high blood sugar count creates a perfect environment for supporting the growth of Candida in the body.

If you want to find out whether or not your problems are stemming from Candida, go on the Candida diet, do not cheat at all, and within two weeks, if you are experiencing any die-off symptoms at all, then you have a Candida infestation. Remember that you cannot “eat reasonably good” if you need to cure yourself of a Candida infestation, you will need to eat a perfectly clean diet.

What’s the count (billion) and how many strains of bacteria are in your probiotic? Also, what is the name of your digestive enzymes?

Any questions about the diet, please ask on the forum.