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xday2dazex wrote: I didn’t know sauerkraut was probiotic. I eat the canned stuff from stop and shop that just has prepared cabbage water and salt. Is that ok?

Jorge, I’ve held that diet for the most part for a few months now with intermittent mistakes and I have lost tons of weight. What are these other sources you would recommend and how would I work them into my treatment? I have reactions from everything. I can’t even have buckwheat or coconut flour right now. I would do anything for extra energy and carbs so please share. If you or anyone else has a good way to tweak my meals and get me more full and covered nutritionally, I’d love the input, that’s why I posted this. I want to gain weight and have some energy while still fighting this thing.

Does anybody have any idea on my salmon question btw? (how often is it safe to have?)

I am sorry I was thinking about buckwheat and coconut products.
Fat is the only thing you can do until you improve more.
Are you doing enemas??
In your situation, at least two times a week will be a good option. Enemas may speed your recover and allow you to try food you don’t tolerate now.
Keep doing !!! There will be a moment where you will reach the turning point.