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My questions are if i put my candida blood test numbers up would anyone be able to tell me how bad it is?

Are you saying that your doctor was unable to explain the numbers to you? You can post the numbers, but personally I don’t put a lot of stock in the tests.

Does candida cause hypoglycemia?

If Candida caused hypoglycemia it would probably be from lack of protein.

Does it cause depression and anxiety?

Yes, Candida can cause both.

I am taking nilstat and probiotics and digestive enzymes. Is that ok to take? Any idea how much and how often of each?

Isn’t Nilstat the same thing as Nystatin, and if it is, isn’t it sold as a prescription? So shouldn’t the dosage information be on the label?
You need to read the protocol for information on when to start what. After reading it, you’ll welcome to ask us questions about anything you didn’t understand.

I am also still loosing weight. I am down to 47kg and i am 5ft 5 and i need to put weight on badly but can’t seem to do it even eating every 2 hours. Please does anyone have any ideas for me?

Everyone loses weight on a Candida diet until they learn that they just have to eat a lot more of the foods allowed. Once you reach the correct daily caloric intake for your size, you’ll stop losing weight. Try adding coconut oil as your first antifungal, this should help you gain weight, or at least stop you from losing.

Do i have a hope of recovery?

Of course you do, what would even make you ask that?