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Wow, thanks for sharing your amazing story. It reminds me of some of the stuff Ive read on the Celiac forum. Autoimmune reactions to Gluten have been pretty intense as well. People have lost the use of limbs, gotten off Gluten and over the months recovered.

I started some years ago with just the bottoms of my feet then to having issues off and on just walking in a straight line. Spasms in my fingers and legs. Then leg cramps and brain fog and ………

Its just been in the last month its progressed into my hands and the keeping my balance thing has gotten worse. Im stepping up my fight on Candida and I have found that my blood sugar has been dropping at night. Since I remedied that I have no more cramps in my legs at night or in the morning. I think between the Gluten and the Candida, it can cause the kind of malnutrition
that can bring on some very serious problems. The problem is that its like having illness in different directions all at the same time and getting a handle on it is not easy by any means. One day at a time, one symptom at a time, is the way that feels.