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I don’t know where to start. My neurological symptoms started while I was on my honeymoon. I was sick for many years before this with things different things but the neurological issues seemed to start at this time. At first it was just my big toe that felt like it had fallen asleep, like the pins and needle feeling. It spread to my whole foot and my other foot started to have problems. By the time I got off the airplane it was very hard to walk because my joints in my foot hurt and it felt uncomfortable to walk on my feet because of the pins and needles feeling. While on the honeymoon the pins and needles moved up my leg and started to occur in my hands. My feet lost the sense of feeling. I could touch press my nail in my feet and I could not feel it. My toes swelled. I then had zapping pain in my legs, almost like they were being zapped by something electrical. Along with this I had my muscles twitch and feel like they were on fire, like they were burning. Itching feeling also occurred. This occurred mostly in my legs.

By the time I got to see my doctor at home my legs felt very heavy. My doctor sent me for an EKG as soon as possible. The EKG tech came into the doctor office. The results said my nerves where not responding normal. (Later on when I got EKG done again at the University or Michigan Hospital and I found out that the results for this test could have been wrong because they did not warm up my legs to a certain temperature before performing a test.) I was then sent to a Neurologist that was close to home. She did a simple test with a needle that she poked me with until I could feel it. She found that I had lost of feeling from my feet to just a little below the knee and my finger to half way up forearm. She called it a glove and stocking type of neuropathy. I was sent for a MRI and they result showed everything was normal. I was very very happy! However, the zapping pain, burning of muscles, and twitching of muscles was getting pretty bad. It was occurring through out my body, but not my face. It was very hard to sleep at all. I was given lyrica for the pain.

My doctor thought I most likely had guillain barre and we would just have to wait it out. But my strength was still good after many weeks and she decided to give me Mirapex because my muscle started to tighten up. You could touch a muscle and feel a knot in it. This was when I was in the most amount of pain. It felt like Charley Horses in every muscle. Lyrica was not helping so Mirapex was given to me to give some relief. It helped but it had many other bad side effects. I was tested for low levels of certain nutrients. I had low B12 and very low Iron. However even fixing these nutrient deficiencies I was still have problems. My doctor solution was Mirapex and that I had restless legs. This did not make sense to me because my problem was through my whole body. I stopped taking Mirapex. I decided to go see another nuerogolist at U of M. While I was waiting to see the doctor my symptoms seemed to get better. The problems started with my feet and moved slowly up my body. Based on what I remember once it reached my neck the muscle twitch stopped, expect in my feet occasionally. However it left me with exhaustion, tiredness, brain fog, sore body, and joint and muscle achy. I have not experienced muscle twitching until I recently took a parasite cleanse (especially in my toe and ears). I had twitching in my intestine when taking a candida cleanse.

I have very bad brain fog now. It is very hard to remember anything and hard to concentrate. I also feel very unbalanced, but I have always been clumsy. I also have dizzy spells. I also pass out sometimes while having a bowel movement. One time I hit my head because I pass out and I had a small seizure after passing out, lucky my husband was there. It was right after I got the MRI so my doctor did not know what to do because the test showed up normal. Sorry for how long this is. I am sure I missed something.