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What you are experiencing is what is called “die off symptoms” and it occurs when you kill candida and the toxins are released throughout the body. The only way to reduce its effects is if you detox and protect the kidneys and liver. Are you taking anything to protect your liver and kidneys from the effects of the die-off toxins?

I would be very wary of trying out these “candida named products” because they won’t “cure” your infestation and its best to purchase each and every supplement seperately.

It contains:
Caprylic acid, Garlic powder, Aloe vera powder, Cinnamon bark, Quercetin, Beetroot powder, Thyme, Lactobacillus acidophilus probiotic (10 billion / gram) Bifidobacteria probiotic (10 billion / gram), Cloves, Grapefruit seed extract Glucosamine (Vegetarian source), Rosemary leaf, Oregano, Zinc (citrate)

I would get a higher quality probiotic instead that contains more strains.

I would purchase caprylic acid, grapefruit seed extract, or oregano oil extract seperately and take this instead. Aloe vera might be best taken seperately as well.

We developed this general plan to get better if you are interested:

If you want to know which foods are allowed on the diet, I would email able900 for a copy of the strict forum diet. The more you restrict your foods, the better you will feel from many people’s experience.

If you still have bad gas, this is likely because you are deficient in HCL (hydro-chloric acid) and this is why its important:–written-by-Dr–McCoombs.aspx