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So is the buckwheat mixed together with the rice porridge? If so, this could be problematic if you react to it because you won’t know whether its the rice or the buckwheat that caused the reaction.

Buckwheat comes in three forms, the flour (used for baking), the cream of buckwheat (sorta like oatmeal), and groats (basically like rice in texture). If you are looking for a good breakfast item, the cream of buckwheat might be the best way to go.

I’d focus on reducing the inflammation as much as possible and eat some anti-inflammatory foods (do some research on this). Most veggies are anti-inflammatory, pumpkin, spinach, green tea, salmon, broccoli, etc. are all anti-inflammatory.

You might want to do a multi-pronged approach. Kill the yeast with the antifungals, reduce the inflammation, and heal the gut (with leaky gut supplements such as L-glutamine, enzymes or bitters, prebiotics, etc…I can give more examples) all at the same time.

This website is a good way to research whether something is inflammatory or not: