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many sparrows
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Coconut oil I take liberally, and caprylic acid. I was taking oregano oil, which is fantastic,but cut down when started the cleanse(have been taking anti-fungals for years, which have kept the candida down but not killed it,as my diet wasn’t radical enough) Rather than buy more (expensive) oregano oil I wanted to try the neem product that I was persuaded to buy a while back but have been too cautious to take.I’ll ask again on general forum but unless I’m persuaded I wont risk it. Rutabaga I struggle with as I just can’t see how something with loads of carbs/starch in can help, although I know everyone says it does- I did try it last week and it seemed to stop the die-off I was possibly experiencing,but this could have just been because my mind is so against it! I have planted some brussels which will be ready for christmas; they are out of season here til winter and probably only available frozen.I think I’ll get some more oregano oil and am interested in olive leaf extract.
Its good to read your positive
staightforward posts,thankyou.