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It’ll probably cost about $250 +- to get each of them removed and replaced with composite fillings. Gold and silver fillings are more expensive of course.

Dr. Mcoombs stated in one of his radio shows that mercury can be reduced in the body by taking probiotics. So I would consider this as an alternative.

There is also the method of chelation which I don’t know much about. Basically you can remove it by taking specific supplements but it takes a long time.

I personally think candida is caused by other stronger factors. These include in order:

1) Antibiotics
2) GMO foods
3) Unhealthy diets
4) Unhealthy lifestyles
5) Chemicals in everything we do being absorbed by the body (toxic load on the body)
6) Plastics
7) Low quality drinking water (that often contains fluoride)
8) Other environmental factors such as pollution, lead, mold, etc.
9) Vaccines, shots, etc.
10) General inflammation (caused by above)

Candida overgrowth is likely caused by a combination of all of the above. Our bodies accumulate toxins and this makes our immune system susceptible to parasites.