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Thanks. Eoe is pretty rare. In kids it’s more common and have to be fed through tubes in their stomach because they have a ton of allergies. Well my bacteria overgrowth is better, my yeast is better but now I gotta take a steroid. I do cod oil and it helps some. I feel If I keep takin my fungals I should be ok. I got a bloodtest for candida and it was finally in the green. It took 7
Months to get my yeast under control. I have eaten gluten free pancakes, rice, and even gluten free pasta with no reaction. So that’s a good sign. I m stuck taking miralax because at the colonscopy he said I was so clogged up. Probably from the military taking stuff to not have bowel movements, us yeast and bacteria came in after my multiple antibiotic use last year. I’m doing a colon hydrotherapy next week to get more yeast out and keep things moving. But eoe sucks. The research on it sucks.