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moochpb;46421 wrote: Just real constipated and needed to be cleaned out. The miralax helps a bit. My bloating is 80 percent better. I already used the inhaler today and my mucous feels better already. I’m just doing what’s working and making me feel better as of now. I don’t know the answers and I’m sure the drs don’t either. But we will see. I had extreme pain for weeks before my colonscopy and since I ve been cleaned out not the slightest pain at all. He said a lot of military members he treats has the same issue because of the food we ate. I still have sibo also. So it’s an adventure and I’ll just have to make sure this inhaler doesn’t give me more yeast. But I see an allergist in 2 weeks that will test me for everything

Yeah, SIBO… treated for that at Cedars with Dr. Mark Pimental, said I was CURED!!! yeah righttttt……though, once dybiosis comes into play, it’s certainly possible of multiple complications. You might try going on a COMPLETE elemntal diet for 15 days to starve out the bacteria – which is how Cedars treated me. Elemental is even more strict than the candida protocol and, I would suggest in hindsight pumping lots of probiotics during and after those 15 days to re populate the good bacteria, over what ever happened with me: probably both the good and bad at the same time.

However, in some cases I’ve heard they treat sibo with antibiotics….not sure how they decide which method to use, since my case history showed nothing but antibiotic abuse. Might be worth a try and help at least correct the sibo portion. Vivonex is the elemental product they had me use but, make sure to buy the expensive flavor packets as well, as it’s horrible without some flavoring: it’s also not inexpensive – yet when you compare what we all spend on supplements and so on and so forth, it’s really not that much for a short duration.