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Jo*Jo wrote: Another question. Might be a silly one – dont know.
Today has turned out to be much better than yesterday (although i’ve not tried to sleep yet!) but i just like to understand why? I’ve not done anything different with the cleanse compared to the past 3 days apart from adding 3 eggs. But i felt this much better when I woke up so i dont think its the eggs that have made the difference.
Is my body adjusting a bit now? or are all the things i’m taking to counteract die off doing there job maybe?

Hi, Jo.

Your body is gradually adjusting to this completely new regimen, that’s true. However, after eating vegetables and no protein for three days, I think we quickly forget how weakened we feel as compared to eating in a regular manner with plenty of protein and carbohydrates both supplying us with strength and energy. To suddenly add that much protein would make quite a bit of difference in the energy output throughout the day in most cases. Of course the supplements you’re taking and the hot tub soaks are also conteracting the die-off effects as well.

I’m really “really” glad to see that you’ve felt so much better today, and certainly hope that continues to improve.

If there is any way you can order the Ashwagandha I believe it would still be of great help to you – in more ways than one.

It’s a whole new day, and so is tomorrow.