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Able900;30737 wrote:

I wanted to post about this again because I am concerned. Have been on the strict diet for 4 ½ months. In the last couple of months, my yeast infection symptoms have been a lot better. However, for the last few days I seem to be having a problem again. I am on a new homeopathic “detox kit” from my naturopath. The problem is that it contains 25% ETHYL ALCOHOL. That seems like a lot. My naturopath is disinterested in my diet and wants to sell these products. It does get good reviews, but I don’t want to screw up my diet.

Do you think it’s OK?

Of course it’s not ok.

Alcohol is going to make your infestation worse, in fact, it sounds like it already has. You’re right about the doctor wanting to make more money, and he’s obviously more interested in that than in making you well. In addition, homeopathic meds seldom work with a Candida infestation because they work so slowly, therefore the Candida are multiplying faster than the medicine can work. I guess that’s one way the doc can keep you coming back to him indefinitely.


Able– I’m glad I figured this out now rather than in 3 months from now, but am concerned I’ve really set myself back. This diet has been difficult for me, and was starting to feel a lot better “downstairs.” I was actually planning to move to stage 2 in about months, but don’t want to move too fast if I set myself back. How much do you think I did set myself back?

It was 90 drops a day (which I think works out to 3/4 of a teaspoon) for about 10-11 days. I can’t be certain the very mild vaginal issue — some itching and a bit more discharge than normal– (which has since resolved) is directly b/c of the drops or not, but I certainly am NOT going to risk using it anymore…just want to know how much I set myself back.

Thanks, Able.