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Doggiemama wrote: ((If you dont feel like keeping up the diet for the long haul, just know that it is not the only way to get better. The protocol can improve your health a lot, but with deep seated candida it is quite an inefficient way of getting rid of it. Depends on how bad your situation is I suppose.))

CHRIS24, can you explain your comment to me please?

Hello, D.M.

As you know, our protocol (the one you’re following) is completely different from the protocol that Chris described, and for good reason.

The is a quote from statements made by various research journals concerning Candida and the intestines:

The intestines play a role in a variety of health disorders which is why the intestines are the focus of numerous scientific studies concerning these various disorders and illnesses. In the case of a Candida overgrowth, for example, science labs and university studies readily point to the digestive tract as being the stronghold from which the organism gains a foothold in the body.” End quote.

The “digestive tract” includes:
• mouth
• esophagus
• stomach
• pancreas
• gall bladder
• liver
• small intestine
• large intestine
• rectum

After more than two years of constant research and experience, at least 1 ½ years of which were spent suffering and experimenting on my own body through a Candida overgrowth, I experienced a cure through the protocol and the ‘stricter’ Candida diet. Other members of the forum have testified to this as well.

Although it was not my experience, it is my belief that using a Nystatin antifungal enema in the beginning of the protocol as part of the cleanse as well as one or two spaced two weeks a part near the end of the first stage could be beneficial in clearing out some of the dying as well as living Candida. However, no one has offered proof that the enemas, even with a Candida diet, used from the beginning to end can cure a full-blown Candida infestation.

Keep in mind that if probiotics are added to the enema protocol, then this is a different situation from using only the enemas and diet. However, I believe that an enema used every week could be detrimental in the long run because of the beneficial bacteria being expelled along with the enema