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Please tell us everything you eat for every meal. It is very normal to fail a few times on the diet; many of us have made this mistake.

There are a few problems with your diet and you are not doing it strictly enough. First of all checkout the allowed food list post:

As you can see, brown rice is not allowed. It contains a small amount of starch, and a little gluten. I would avoid this until phase 2.

Amaranth is not in the allowed food lists either; the only two flours you can have are coconut flour and buckwheat flour. Also, almond meal is allowed.

While almond milk is better than dairy, almonds do contain small amounts of mold/fungi. If possible, save this for phase 2.

Another major problem with your diet is that you are not taking a strong enough probiotic; you need something that is a minimum of 12-40 billion per capsule. I take one called HMF neuro and HMF forte which binds to the intestines better than any other probiotic. HMF forte is a prebiotic while HMF neuro is a probiotic. Kefir is also a natural probiotic you can make at home.

Check your yogurt to determine how much sugar there is per serving. Greek yogurt contains 7-11g of sugar per serving and has the lowest sugar content of yogurts.

If you are eating any veggies such as carrots and tomatoes; these are not allowed because they contain sugar. Keep you daily intake of sugar to below 25g a day if possible.

Also, if you are drinking coffee; this can really set you back because coffee contains molds/fungi.

Undeceonic acid SF722 is a very strong antifungal that will help kill of the candida. Molybdenum and grape bitters are also very important supplements to consider taking on the diet.

Kamut and quinoa are not in the allowed foods list and should be avoided.

Tell us all you eat and we can help.