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raster;48905 wrote: I would stop with the bentonite clay because this can cause chronic constipation as you can tell.

If your digestion becomes sluggish then this will benefit the bad bugs in the body. This is also hard on your liver which detoxes the toxins that are produced by these bugs.

I would consider trying out some herbal teas (such as chamomile) to help regulate your digestion.

Once your digestion improves and you can detox better via the liver, then you should start to feel pretty good hopefully.


bentonite clay was actually the one thing that would aid my digestion or bowel movements, I would have 5 BM’s a day for 3-4 days after starting it. However now im experiencing what i think are swollen adrenal glands, is this a “for sure” die off symptom that my body is detoxing itself from some sort of invader? I picked up the recommended probiotic with DDS-1 and will introduce it when my die-off symptoms subside.

Does anyone know what reactions I might have against these probiotics if I have SIBO?

Digestion overall has improved alot and I no longer feel like the food “sits” and ferments after I started with bentonite clay&cleaned my colon,will give this a few more weeks and if symptoms dont get any better I guess ill have to visit another doctor, since I dont really know for sure if it’s not SIBO, since i bloat very easily after eating and ingesting anti-fungals/bacterials. Its a tricky ride for sure, thanks for the responses.