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jnealeigh;46367 wrote:

The meds:
• Lorazepam – for anxiety; 0.5mg at night to help me sleep. I’ve been looking into magnesium as a natural way to calm down, and get me off this med. I’ve tried weaning myself off, but the result is poor sleep.

It’s a benzo in the Valium class – it’s a personal decision. Most would say get off the sleep meds but, from my experience extreme insomnia is far from a healing atmosphere.

• Venlafaxine – for depression; 75mg/day
• Progesterone SR – 50mg at night. I had my hormone levels tested a few months ago by my doctor, and progesterone and testosterone were low. I know that increased progesterone can contribute to vaginal yeast infections.
• Testosterone Cream – 0.5mL applied topically at night.
• Allergy shots: 2 shots weekly; I don’t know what is in the allergy shots, but I know that they are very small levels of the things I tested allergic to, like weeds, grasses, pollens from wheat, corn, and some trees, and molds. I’m going to call my allergist’s office tomorrow to get more specifics.

If you ARE NOT ALLERGIC to bee stings, bee pollen – particularly local bee pollen from around where you live helps with allergies. It’s what the bee brings back from the flowers to the nest on it’s legs after going flower to flower. I just take a little pinch under my tongue and let it dissolve while trying not to swallow but spit out the bee pollen saliva and rinse my mouth out to limit as much as possible the sugars from getting into the GI track….the pollen gets absorbed sub-lingual. It’s also a great source of pantothenic acid.

I’ll let the forum experts respond to your list of vits but, I can say right off the top you should consider increasing your Vit C levels MUCH higher: like between 5,000mgs to 8,000mgs per day. Studies have proven your body absorbs and needs much more vit C when ill, then when healthy. I’m at around 8,000 + MGS per day and haven’t reached GI tolerance (you’ll know what that is when it hits). A nurse at a clinic I used to volunteer with 2- years ago told me once as soon as she starts to feel sick, she increases vit C till she get’s “the squirts” and then backs off from there to figure out what level her body needed.

If you have any knowledge or experience with these drugs/supplements, please let me know. It’s a long list, but it’s smaller than it once was:)


Your supplement list is much smaller than mine, that’s for sure but, I’ve been so mal nourished for so long, I feel my body needs it. Though, Able thinks I’m wasting my money but, he’s got knowledge of how to balance out vits, particularly the B’s which I don’t so, rather than try to learn all that know on my own, I figure the good vits companies know what they are doing better than I do….I’m over 24 bottles of vits/mins per day, some I take only one capsule per day, others I take up to 9 per day: depending on what vit/min. Also, I buy into how vits/mins work as co-factors to each other: another topic too complicated for me to try to unravel at this juncture.

I wish you only blessings and healing graces,