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“I agree restoring a gut balance is complicated but I am simply stating that this imbalance is caused by our subconscious and yes it can be restored as I am doing it and have already cured incurable diseases much worse than bacterial overgrowth”

Candida is not caused by a bad subconscious but rather by the abuse of anti-bacterials and anti-biotics. The subconscious does not have the ability to destroy our good bacteria just like it doesn’t have the ability to control our heartbeat.

“Severe” Candida is not a bacterial overgrowth but yet a fungal overgrowth. A fungal overgrowth that can dominate the majority of the GI tract and is beyond energy or subconscious control. I’ve already gone down the whole chakra and energy quackery route and all it did was take money from my wallet and got psychology disturbed by people that are obsessed with the psychological aspects of life. I guess these people are pretty good at “psychologically taking peoples money”.

“This severe pain and lack of awareness can be due to acidosis and blocked energy in the large intestine. I have felt this exact same way many times.”

The severe pain and lack of awareness is due to the harmful metabolites that candida can release. The chemicals that candida releases can not be controlled by rebalancing your energy or through the subconscious either. “Fungal” Candida does not cause acidosis nor does it produce any kind of acid forming chemicals. Candida can effect the small intestine as well as the large intestine.

“Everything is energy and yes everything can be healed by rebalancing your energies”
So do you believe that the ability to love someone is based upon energy? If love is simply based upon energy than all it is…is a chemical and physical drive nothing more nothing less. I would hope that love amounts to more than just energy.

Everything can be healed by rebalancing your energies? Your definition of energy is way beyond any dictionary that I know of. Who needs a life saving liver transplant or a surgery to correct a cleft deformity when everything can be healed through energy?

“Candida is not immune to energy medicine”
So how does energy medicine destroy candida? Does the energy vibrations cause candida’s cell to burst? WOW imagine all the toxic intracellular components that can leak from the candida bursting… Imagine the Inflammation response that the immune system would have if suddenly billions of candida bursted inside of your gut.

Again, if candida has dominated the entire GI tract and wiped out all your flora how is energy medicine going to “IMPLANT” any beneficial flora back into the intestine for the body to regain intestinal homeostasis. I forgot, energy is another word for beneficial flora. Oh yeah energy is an interchangeable word for any word that needs to be used that requires healing.

This is a “candida forum” not a energy medicine can heal everything , chakra clanking, Metaphysical awareness program, or de-traumatize your past traumas’ forum.