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I’m glad you’re feeling better. However, if you are very serious about longterm elimination of candida, then I think you should contact Able900 about the Protocol and strict diet. If you have done this already you will find that your diet and supplements do not aline with what made Able so successful in ridding himself of a candida infestation. I have been on the diet for a week now–for the second time. The first time, although I had great success and stayed on the diet for a couple months, I had to leave the country during a college study abroad trip and was unable to maintain the very strict diet. Plus, Ecuador does not have the supplementary resources that the Protocol requires.

I can understand how you must always be hungry especially with the stress that a university student can take on. Chewing food extensively can help: biting down at least for 20 chews to allow the saliva’s enzymes to do their job will both (1) partially digest your food making the stomach’s job easier and (2) slow down your eating so you feel fuller by the last bite. Let me know if this works for you. Also, try to eat in a calm place where you’re not distracted by the television or other things that might keep your focus from your food. The less distractions you have the more your brain and body can communicate; I hear that watching TV while eating distracts us from eating, making us eat more without realizing…

If you’re feeling better while still eating these hard-to-digest foods (red meat and nuts) then imagine how you can feel once you cleanse your body and start to sustain a healthy inner environment!