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impossible;51825 wrote: Definitely stop the acids if they found irritation in the stomach

Part of the reason I picked my doctor was because they offered that test. Most others are 2 or 3 times as much. Idk if your doc would have to order a kit or just send blood to them. Call the lab tmrw and ask.

I had undigested veggies until I did a transplant btw. It also got alot easier to control the yeast after. It had such an effect on the inflammation that I had a dramatic calm feeling wash over me about twenty minutes afterward, unlike anything else I have ever experienced.

You need some protein boy!

a fecal transplant? I’ve been meaning to do one, my brother has BM’s 4 times a day and doesn’t get sick much. If he eats something that doesn’t settle he is going to the bathroom like an hour later. Me other other hand would be sick for the next 3 days till i had a BM lol. So I think i will do a transplant from his stool
how many did you do?