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Thank you impossible! I am going to order that food test right now. Do i just order the test and have my DR fill it out or something?
Any other tests you reccomend? I have had no real blood tests other than a CBC
Had an endoscopy and colonoscopy, Just found red irritation in the stomach, and lower colon inflammation and ileum inflammation.

Raster My Diet is mainly steamed Veggies made into soup, I was trying to eat raw stuff for awhile but my body can’t handle it. Salads just come out undigested. So now i eat a lot of steamed veggies, oat bran, and oil really. Some hemp seeds lately but thats really all I can get down since I only get hungry every 4-5 hours.
I’ve tried coconut flour, avocado’s lots of other stuff to help add calories but can’t really seem to tolerate anything unfortunately 🙁