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The beef might be a bit “controversial” because of the protocol on the forum. Anything in excess is likely to cause some kind of problem, and I’d try balancing the amino acids from animal protein with other parts of the animal (do you like oxtail soup?), and try to mix in eggs and kefir. Varied protein sources will likely mean varied nutrients.

I posted a study somewhere showing that omnivores had a lower stool pH than vegetarians, but they also ate more complex carbohydrates. Like with anything in nutrition, stool pH is multifactoral, and it doesn’t appear that protein choice is the deciding factor. Not supplying glucose through carbohydrate results in ammonia production because of the increased need for protein, which either comes from diet or muscle wasting. What effect does this have on stool pH?

You need to work towards health, and obsessing over food can work against you. A member recently posted about developing a protein deficiency because of this. So yeah, if beef makes you feel good then eat it, but what’s most important is nutrition, and it’s hard to get this from relying on any one food, so do experiment.