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Hi helpless! I can so relate to your frustration. It seems to me that doctors either don’t know enough to be able to help with problems like this, or they don’t have the time and patience to investigate properly. So you often end up dealing with it on your own. The internet is a great source for information that can possibly empower you to find answers. At the same time it can be dangerous to just jump into conclusions based on something you read on the internet. Apparently the spit test is not enough to diagnose Candida for example.

And while you look for information and try different approaches just remember to pay attention to your body’s feedback as well. If avc makes you feel better, that’s great; good idea to keep using it. If stir fried veggies didn’t cause any problems for you, then that might be a good way for you to prepare your veggies. And if you feel that the meat is soothing for your gut, I don’t see why not have it. Until you know for sure that Candida is the problem, I’d go for the foods that you know you are able to digest. Foods that feel soothing and good, that don’t irritate your body. Building strength might be the first step towards healing anyhow.

Even though you are feeling so bad at this moment just remember that your strength is that you want to get better, you want to heal! You are looking for answers and in time you will find them I’m sure. Don’t give up on yourself.