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Thanks Raster… every time I see a post from you and Able on this forum, I perk up. It is really nice to have people on here who take the time to do this.

I do have another dilema now. I am losing hope because my husband and I are going to try to have a baby soon. I am going to finish the diflucan before then and probably get in about a week of herbs from my acupunturist that stimulate my immune system. I have chronic fatigue and those herbs have helped so much before (it is a capsule containing these: radix rehmanniae, cortex eucommiae, fructus corni, radix aconiti latera preparata, cortex cinnamomi, colla cornus cervi, rhizoma pinelliae). The first time I took this supplement, it caused some die off, so I think it will be good to do. I’ll also continue taking fish oil supplements and a prenatal vitamin, and probably some extra vitamin c, and probiotics.

When we start trying to have the baby… that’s when I get cautious… and I will severely restrict what I put in my body in terms of supplements/extra vitamins. I am even nervous to do supplemental probiotics (I’m hoping kefir/yogurt will help). I am wanting to do a candida-conscious diet, but, obviously, I can’t be too restrictive while pregnant. Plus, what little will power I’ll have will probably be toast when I get those prego cravings (I’ll still do my best, but ugh… I just remember what it was like and it was so hard).

Do you have any advice for someone who will probably be pregnant soon? I just recently had two back to back miscarriages (the drops in hormones both times made my yeast symptoms fairly severe)… so I think getting pregnant will happen quickly (hopefully), but… we’ll see if this one sticks. I think getting pregnant actually helps my symptoms, but I’m betting it’s because my immune system function drops… not because the yeast actually goes away.

I could use some help with kidney/liver flushes too. I tried going on milk thistle before doing all this to prep my liver and I got a kidney infection, plus had some liver pain. Not sure if it flushed a bunch of junk out and clogged my kidneys or what, but milk thistle is out.

Sorry to be so needy; I’m trying to hang in there, but I’m overwhelmed and then adding the trying to have another kid on top of that is throwing me for a loop.