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Thanks for the reply Able.

Got some great news, I ended up speaking to my parents the day I originally posted this topic… sat down and explained everything in detail to them, basically everything I wrote the post above… I think telling them I was getting a job helped them see past the fact they thought I was just using it all as an excuse… So it feels amazing to have their full support!

Able900 wrote: Quote: “… allergic reactions to some foods/teas – and I’ve read this can all be related to die-off? Is this correct?”

Reply: Allergic reactions are most often related to Leaky Gut Syndrome as it creates allergies by its mere existence in the body.

As far as the allergic reactions to foods and teas are concerned; leaving out all teas for the time being would be the wisest choice since most of them contain molds which aggravate the Candida.

Which foods are you showing a reaction to and what are the reactions?

The reactions were coming from Brown Rice, Vegetable Rice Pasta Spirals… and I think Organic Ginger Green Tea and Organic Detox Green Tea.

I assumed it was ok to eat the Brown Rice and Vegetable Rice Pasta because basically when I first started the diet about a month ago, I did so following the ‘Foods To Eat’ and ‘Food To Avoid’ from this forums main site… ‘Brown Rice’ was ok in the ‘Foods To Eat’ NON-GLUTINOUS GRAINS section… and I thought that Brown Rice Vegetable Pasta was ok too. Big mistake it would seem… Turns out neither were good for me, especially the Vege Pasta. I was very strict with that list and after a couple weeks I noticed that eating the Brown Rice and/or Vegetable Rice Pasta would result in the pain in my lower left where my large intestine is, for the entire period that the food was trying to digest…

I also experienced a new rash on my neck after drinking those greens teas and having the pasta for dinner one night… so I’m not sure if it was the tea or the pasta that caused the rash, but on this night the pain was one of the worst occasions I’d felt the pain. So much so I considered going to the hospital, but I knew that it would pass as soon as the food had digested so I just waited it out, and sure enough in the morning it was feeling better.

So anyway, after experiencing the intestinal pains/constipation for 2 weeks I found it only happened with the Brown Rice and Vege Pasta… So I began the search to find out why…

I now know why the pasta was a bad idea… this is the pasta that I was eating:

I read the label when I originally purchased it with out noticing that it contains 78.2g of Starch per 100g! I was too busy noticing all it’s other nice qualities and thought that because it wasn’t “normal” pasta that starch wouldn’t be present, so I didn’t even look for it until I noticed my reactions to it.

Can you explain why the Brown Rice was giving me this sort of reaction?

Since all this I’ve immediately stopped eating both foods and all teas and have been following your diet suggestions found on this forum… more recently this post:

I’m happy to say that since following your refined diet that the pain in my intestines has pretty much completely gone, except for slight pains every now and then, but nothing major or alarming… much better than the constant pain associated with the Brown Rice and Vege Pasta.

Able900 wrote: Are you taking liquid bitter herbs right now? If not, read the following post about these.

I’m not taking bitters at the moment, but I have read on this forum about it and definitely plan on buying it as soon as possible… do you know a good place to buy it online? I’m located in Australia if that helps.

Able900 wrote: Are you taking Molybdenum for the die-off problems? If not, this will help you a great deal with the headaches, lack of focus, etc.

Again, same deal as the bitters… Haven’t started taking Molybdenum yet… but intend on purchasing it as soon as possible…. could you recommend a place to buy this online too?

What else do I need besides these 2 things and the strict diet? I want to beat this thing as fast as possible.

From what I understand so far I need as well as the diet:

– Digestive Bitters
– Molybdenum
– Anti-fungal – what’s better; Coconut Oil, or Oil of Oregano?
– Good Probiotic – where’s a good place to start with these? (I was taking some 25 Billion count with 5 strains but have since run out and have recently read on this forum that I need to be taking high strain count… any tips?)

If you could provide links to any websites where I can purchase all these it would be greatly appreciated…. Thanks again Able