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Hi pdb,

I just wanted to let you know that I went to my doctor (a variety of doctors over the years actually as I’ve suffered a variety of things for quite some time) to find out what was wrong with me. I had pretty much all of the symptoms that you have described – bloated constantly to the point of looking pregnant, stomach pains, dizzy spells (even while sitting down), no libido, psoriasis, itching down below, IBS, extreme abdominal pain, dandruff, fatigue to the point I was biting my hand to try to stay awake in lectures at Uni and intermittant brain fog. Quite a list when you write it down eh.

Doctors had no idea what was wrong with me and I was just prescribed iron tablets to combat my sleepiness because they couldn’t be bothered trying to investigate what else may be the cause. I was sent for an ultrasound scan of my abdomen where they didn’t see anything wrong and I have had many vials of blood taken to ‘double check’ that I didn’t have some of the diseases they didn’t think I had but that it might have been as well as stool samples. Everything came back negative.

I have been labelled with IBS with work related stress that causes my dizzy spells. I knew that this was not the whole story and was frustrated that the medical profession had given me this simple tag, told me that “it is just something you have to learn to live with”.

After doing weeks and weeks of my own research I discovered Candidiasis. Here was something that fit every single one of my symptoms…this could not be a coincidence! I felt so relieved that I may have found the answer and that there was something I could do about it. I have had no ‘positive test’ from a doctor to confirm my own diagnosis but it is really so difficult to pin down that you can’t really expect to get that unfortunately.

Most of my friends and work colleagues have not heard of this either and I am finding it difficult to constantly turn down invitations to the pub, to restaurants and the odd homebaked cake or cookies that are shared around the office. I think you just have to be strong in and for yourself. When you come out of the other side of this you will be like a different person, healthy and full of energy. It may only be then that your parents and your friends around you will understand what was wrong and the process you have been through.

Remember that everyone on this forum has been or is going through the same thing as you. So if you need to chat, ask advice or have a rant about something, you do have somewhere to do that.This is something that I learnt for myself too.

The best of luck with the next stretch of the diet and remember to keep your goal in mind.