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shayfo;45358 wrote: Here’s my semi-expert take:

QUESTION 1. Earlier this week, I tested the Bentonite Clay/Psyllium Husk drink for two days (taking it once per day), and I experienced no pain or intestinal discomfort. Does this mean it is safe for me to take, or should I still use a different fiber?

Chia is a better fiber to take. Psyllium husk can be abrasive even if you don’t realize it. I personally find that it’s helpful to soak your chia seeds for at least 10 minutes before drinking them, so that they absorb as much water as they’re going to before you ingest them. Then just add more water so it’s drinkable again. It’s possible to become constipated from chia seeds if they’re not properly hydrated, since they’ll absorb water from your system. There’s more info on the cleanse (since I’m assuming you’re starting with that if you’re making this drink) here:

QUESTION 8 (MOST IMPORTANT). How do I know that I’m making progress? Half the time I feel like I’m imagining the good signs I see, and sometimes I am not sure if the signs mean I’m feeding or killing Candida (gas/bloating, vaginal infections, etc).

I guess I just don’t know what condition my mind/body should be in while I’m doing this diet. When I have Die-Off symptoms and diarrhea/constipation, I at least know that something I’ve done is killing yeast, but I don’t know to what degree that is good. When I don’t have Die-Off symptoms and my digestion is regular, I fear that I’m making no progress.

It helps to keep a journal or log of how you’re feeling day to day. I think it’s really difficult to discern day-to-day improvements, but in looking back over a longer period of time (weeks/months), the improvements are obvious and impressive. Day 12 and day 20 might not feel so different, but day 30 and day 60 certainly do. Documentation helps, since good days and bad days feel like they happen in no particular order sometimes.

I hope some of this helps. I’m sure all these hyperopinionated boys will be here soon to give their two cents.

Hi shayfo,

Thank you so, so much for all of your detailed, thoughtful responses. I can’t accurately explain how relieving it is to hear from you, especially at a time when I’m feeling a lot of anxiety about doing things right.

I discovered Chia seeds a few months ago and have made puddings/shakes with them already – I love them! I think I definitely will start to incorporate them more frequently into my diet.

I have been keeping a food/BM diary as well, and it’s helped me to stay consistent. I’m looking forward to day 60 when I can look back and really see my progress 🙂

I think the biggest issue for me is that it seems my Candida symptoms were not as extreme prior to starting treatment as they were for other people. The two things that really got me researching it were A.) chronic sinus infections, and B.) chronic vaginal yeast infections. So when I’m undergoing the diet/protocol, and continue to see V infection symptoms, I sometimes get extremely confused and worried because it’s as if no progress is being made. But like you said- it’s not about the day to day, it’s about the long term, and I should trust my research and be patient.

The one thing I do rely on to prove to myself that I’m right is that the smallest overdose of coconut oil or kefir can send me into bad gas/bloating pains and diarrhea, and lately, constant fatigue; so I KNOW that Die-Off must be occurring for probiotics/antifungals to disrupt my body like that. If I did NOT have a Candida infestation, I could consume CO and Kefir/Yogurt as much as I wanted without experiencing pain, right?

Thank you again for all of your help- I’m beyond grateful!!