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my skin is 100% clear if I eat the foods I know I tolerate. the problem is there are many that break me out that I want to eat. once candida is under control, the gut flora should be recovered enough to digest those foods. so what you want to do is, eat a small amount of the problem foods often. eat only one problem food at a time for a week if you can. as the week goes on, you should notice you are reacting less and less. I’ve gotten back many vegetables and am now working on other foods.

I should also mention, two things that I think helped me. I believe taking Diatomaceous earth for about a week helped, in that it cleared out a big piece of candida that the Nystatin didn’t touch. and also, I think eating prebiotics with almost every meal – particularly rice bran – helped the flora. I had been reluctant to eat these due to the GAPS & SCD diet rules. I’m also eating buckwheat again – although I got intolerant to it after eating it for a week straight, then took it out again, and now am eating it with no problem. I still feel like I’m not 100% there, as manuka honey gives me some issues, so I think I just need to maintain with the diet.

Good luck!