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Dr Ayers talks about eating small amounts of the problem food to correct intolerances caused by gut flora adaptation.

I dunno how much to eat as I have just started the process actually paying attention to a single food. Several months ago I couldn’t eat onion or buckwheat. I tried them a few times over a few days, and had issues, took them out – and then tried them again a month or two later. And they didn’t give me problems. Last week I tried manuka honey – honey has always bothered me – I ate a teaspoon per day. The first day I had a breakout, but just a very minor one – a couple small spots. Same with 2nd day. By the 4th or 5th day I had 0 reaction. So it likely doesn’t take much of the food. I won’t be eating the honey any more because i did notice a reaction to the sugar after a few days – biting feeling in certain spots, a bit of head buzzing. But very minor compared to when i ate a melon back in February. So i still have a bit to go before i can say i’m healed. But the fact that I can now eat honey without breaking out, as well as onion & buckwheat (have had both daily for almost 2 weeks now – and literally have eaten an entire onion with each dinner), gives me hope that my flora is returning to normal. I took a LOT of antibiotics in my life.