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The question I have is: when will this die-off nausea go away? I’ve had it since the beginning of the diet, right after I eat in the morning.

You need to read the post linked below. Please read the entire post so that you can understand the dangers associated with die-off toxins as well as the different remedies you can purchase and use.

1) I cannot acclimate to coconut oil…In the mornings I make a delicious “elixir” of coconut oil, lemon, grated ginger and a little sea salt. I am sick all morning. I tried just a tiny bit. Still so sick.

Is there a question connected with the statement above?

2) I’ve mostly been eating veggies (about half lightly cooked and about half raw) and a little meat. No grains at all, as I noticed if I cut out all grains, even the “allowed” ones, my symptoms improved a lot faster.

You will improve faster without grains because they all feed the Candida allowing them to continue to survive and grow.

But now I’m so sick I’m thinking some amaranth or a little brown rice would be the thing to eat first.

Brown rice and amaranth will both continue to feed the Candida. If you give yourself time you’ll become accustomed to eating the same foods every day, and if ou adhere to the protocol, hopefully it won’t take long until you can add new foods. The protocol link is below.

Let us know if you have other questions, meanwhile, the forum index (below) may help you with concerns.