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I’d talk with the ENT for his input:
sometimes steroids and antibiotics
can not be avoided under certain circumstances.
However, wouldn’t you be the one to tell if you
even need the help with swelling? If it’s tolerable
tough it out and worry about the quandary if you should
or shouldn’t take it till you feel you need the help
with swelling.

There are alternatives with swelling. Everything from
putting ice bags on it for 20 minute intervals then
leaving off for 20 minutes before applying again for
several rinse and repeats will certainly help with
swelling, regardless.

Just cause a doc writes you a prescription doesn’t mean
you have to have to take it or even fill the script.

I’m wondering if a neti pot wouldn’t be something to speed
recovery? Just keep things as sterile as possible and it
might be worthy of using even colder water to calm inflammation.

PS – the cold liver oil and other anti inflamatories built into
the protocol will help with swelling and helping to heal your
surgery. Simply the added increase of vit C on it’s own will help
greatly so, stick in there and I really hope you figure out what’s
the best to do under the circumstances.

Many healing blessings of grace your way,